When the world is gloomy and happy,  one remains in a dark cloud of depression. How can one survive this dark space inhabited by depression when no one knows that you have the darkness  surging in your mind.

How do you deal will fighting an internal enemy, that being yourself?. Questions will run through your mind, but who do tell?, will they believe you ? and the most common question is- how is that I am depressed?.

All these question asked by the people who are in the case of being diagnosed with or dealing with depression as a invader in their lives. Denial is easy because it somehow minimizes the responsibility to take action. Making it fairly convenient to ignore the situation your a victim to.

Well, as soon as you accept that you are  depressed or are experiencing some form of mental illness, then the closest you are to getting the assistance needed before it is too late.

Just know that depression is not a death sentence  but just a condition to look at in either a positive or negative light. So, instead of investing energy to ask endless question about the situation, rather you seek assistance that will grant you understanding.

Steps which draw to you finding means to recognize and evaluate the matter at hand. Hence there are steps to take when face with this sort of predicament and so instead of drawing directly to steps of recovering, it seems quiet easy to first look at some of the daily routines that will help to evaluate triggers of depression, as well as everyday mental and emotional techniques to induce  stress , mental and emotional fits.


sea_girl_loneliness_happiness_light_sunset_69952_2048x1152Image result for PICTURES OF SUNSHINEImage result for PICTURES OF SUNSHINESource: YouTube


Depression appears in the lenses of being a  mind addiction. where just like any  other addiction, your mind becomes depended on  the on thoughts surging in your mind which end off  as being a part of your life.The negative opposing the positive and if you dwell in negative thoughts, then you give depression the upper hand to control every aspect of your life. So in order to take charge of the situation, you need to take charge of your thoughts, removing the negatives to let a realm in the positive.

Here are some triggers to an addiction , as this also applies to depression as a mind addiction.




 Over-reacts (panics) and fails to act constructively. Early recognition. Stays calm , breaths deeply.
 Denial , isolates themselves from everyone else.  communicates emotions. Active coping skills. Concentrates on something else like sports e.c.t.
 Feels out of control and  feelings of hopelessness.  Anti-depression thoughts , constructive self-talk.
 Becomes isolated and frustrated. A lot of self-pity comes to play.  Socializes , asks ” what can I do to feel better ?” when he/ she has intense negative feelings.
 overwhelming urge to give in to other addictions.  Sets realistic goals of improving and is motivated by taking steps to better oneself.
 Distressed and high emotional discomfort.  Takes apace in doing dealing with difficult situations.


Emotions are shaped by our thoughts  and our thoughts craft perception which become evaluated in thought  processes. So focus on mind peace and making each day better by inhaling the positive and exhaling the negative.  It takes one negative thought to ruin your day so resist all temptations of relapses and start viewing depression in the positive light.  FIND YOUR SUNSHINE.





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